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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Selecting a location for your site

Selecting a location for your site

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Generating corpse in Toraja

In the traditional Toraja is usual to go it alone has the body ....?

The story revolves around a corpse has been since ancient times. Hundreds of years ago, they say that the civil war in Tana Toraja, the Toraja people of the West to fight against the East. In the war of the West Toraja defeated because most of them were killed, but when returning to their villages throughout the West Toraja people walking corpse, while his people Toraja East, although only a few are killed but they took the bodies of their dead relatives because the incident then the battle is a draw. in the next lower Toraja often bury his body so that your own body in the grave.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Video 1924 funeral in Tana Toraja

This video was taken during the colonial Neiderland

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Someone who has not been teething died when buried to a tree in the living wood of the tree wood "Tarra". Wood used in this location was around the age of ± 300 years ago.
The process of implementation of the burial ground of this nature the stages as follows: Baby who died in the dressing with the more white that is used in a position in the dipangku. Then mark out the family tree on the timber would be used as a tomb (ma'tanda wood). Make a hole with the provisions should not be dealing with a dwelling house nya.Mempersiap cover material from the grave "pelepah enau" (kulimbang ijuk). Make tana '( pegs) karurung from ijuk appropriate levels of social nya.12 tana'karurung levels for bangsawan.8 tana'karurung for menengah.6 tana'karurung levels for the levels down.
Ma'kadende 'make the rope "ijuk" before the corpse was brought to the grave, a black boar cut / cut on the home page in mourning, and then taken to the grave with the usung.Setiba his grave in pigs / meat is cooked in bamboo (dipiong ), are given without salt or other seasoning is ready after all the corpses to the grave with the requirements as follows:
Brought in a position in pangku. Introduction autopsy both men and women must berselubung cloth. Forbidden to speak, turn to the left or right and back.
Arriving at the cemetery jenasah corpses down from penjemput ago to take the stairs, lift, and enter the hole in the corpse to the timber in a position knees facing out. Then the tomb was closed with the "kulimbang" tana'dipasak in accordance with this status and after coated with "ijuk" and tied with "kadende" (rope ijuk).
Throughout the activities mentioned above, all the people who attend are forbidden to speak, later after the "ma'taletek" "pa'piong" (split bamboo containing meat that has been cooked) means that people are allowed to speak and people who are already above the stairs can go down.

  • Londa is a serious form of caves.This natural cave has a depth of about 1000 meters, dark in some places up and down very steep, and some only have a height of about 1 meter, so that people have to stoop through. In the cave there are hundreds of thousands of skull and some bones have been hundreds of years old coffin box also years.Many New still in the cave is fresh, not stuffy or smell of the cave, although there are many corpses.
  • Londa is serious it is very old.
  • Londa is located in the town Senda IAU Sanggalai district, is about 7 kilometers south of the city Rantepao, Tana Toraja Regency Capital.
  • Londa can be reached by private vehicles in the city of Padang.From the main highway that connects the city Rantepao and Makala, eastern entrance to the paved road that is good.
  • Ticket Price is Rp.5.000 - for every visitor
  • There are several souvenir shops in the vicinity of the town.
  • To go to the cave, visitors can rent lights petromax with a local guide who is always willing to rent a accompany.Price light and a local guide this Rp.20.000 -

Grave stone Lemo

  • Interview
Lemo found in a tomb stone on the hill was named hill.This Lemo as rounded shapes resembling a citrus fruit (orange). On this hill there is a stone around the grave of 75 holes, each hole is a grave family.From outside the only door of holes, closed with a wooden board.Position holes is quite high, reaching tens of meters. the corpses in order to cover the hole with a ladder or a rope, he said. Hole is quite large, about 3 meters to 5 meters times.To make a hole is needed, the cost is quite high, around Rp.30 million, because the hole with a chisel to stone hill manually.Work This hole usually takes 6 months to 1 year.

The line of cliffs in many wall-tau (a statue of the person who died), the amount of about 40 units.The existence of tau-tau showed that this tomb is a tomb of the rich, as is to create a variety of conditions must be met, among others, killed 24 head of buffalo.

  • Specialties
Lemo's tomb is the oldest tomb in the Toraja number two, while the grave is the oldest stone to Lemo Songgi Patalo.Grave made in the century to about 16.

  • Location
Located in the northern city of Makala, at the entrance of this road connecting the town of Rantepao and Makala.

  • Access
Lemo can be accomplished with private vehicles in the city or town Makala Rantepao, Tana Toraja Regency Capital.

  • Ticket Price
To maintain the site, visitors are donated Rp.5.000,-

  • Accommodation and Fasilities
Around the location, there are several stalls of handicrafts typical Toraja.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Toraja, Traditional Ceremonies

In the area of Tana Toraja Regency there are 2 custom ceremony that is very famous:
1. Custom ceremony
"Rambu Solo" '(for the funeral ceremony) with "Sapu Randanan" and "Tombi Saratu'" and "Ma'nene."

2. Custom ceremony "Rambu Tuka". The rites of the good habit "Rambu Tuka" and "Rambu Solo" followed by the art of dance art and music typical Toraja multiplicity it.

Why do people choose Toraja as a tourist destination. We ask a lot of travelers, and they all seemed to say the same. They came to Sulawesi (Celebes) and explore the Toraja good because I had heard such beautiful things for their friends or relatives, or they themselves had previously visited. And the people, culture and unspoiled beauty of Sulawesi in the majority.

Toraja, known for the unique culture and ancient tradition. Tourism is the heart of Ludhiana, 328 km by road from Makassar (about 8 hours)

The culture is a complex mixture of Toraja ancestral beliefs and animist rituals where the dead vary. The culture is unique, beautiful, soft and cool weather, Toraja The main reason for that is very popular as a tourist destination. Orchard will remain in mind that the earth mystery, magic and ancient tradition. This is one of the rare world's cultural treasures

The most spectacular of the Toraja is a death ritual. Place of burial is the most important ritual in the life of Toraja. It is based on a strong belief that the soul of the deceased journey to land on the south and in this land of immortality, which will have all the requirements of daily life in the hereafter, as when he lived in this world. Funeral ceremony is a festival that lasts for ten days with many services and entertainment. Animal sacrifices to ensure eternal life in the Hereafter and their descendants.

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